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Who are you? : I'm Keith Burnett and I live, teach Maths, and bake bread in Birmingham, UK. Contact me at ping.keith@gmail.com

What do you do?: I'm semi-retired and teach a GCSE Maths class and work as a classroom assistant in adult education. I have experience in staff development, teacher training and curriculum design in addition to teaching maths at a variety of levels. I have written course materials working with an editor and a multimedia team. I'm up for short and interesting projects that play to my strengths. Email me if you have ideas.

Why does it matter?: People really really need to start thinking about the numbers instead of following gut instincts. And they need to bake bread.

How do I start?: Read The Black Swan by Nassim Nicholas Taleb for the intellectual equivalent of the ice bucket challenge. Restore the balance with Nate Silver's The Signal and the Noise. Factfulness by Hans Rosling gives hope for the future, and The Art of Statistics by David Spiegelhalter shows by example how to get meaning from data. Buy a bag of bread flour and try the recipe on the back.

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