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Yeast bread with poolish 50:50 wholemeal

This recipe makes a tasty 50:50 wholemeal / white loaf with reduced salt and a nice crispy crust using supermarket flour and instant yeast. Allow around 24 to 30 hours of clock time and about 1 hour of preparation time including wash up. The ingredients cost less than 50p.

Poolish after mixing Poolish 19 hours later Dough after mixing
Dough while kneading Dough after kneading Dough after 6 hours rise
Dough after shaping 
before proof Prooved dough after 
1h30min - bit small by usual standard Baked loaf (Boule) 35 min 
at 240C

This recipe uses a total of 500g of flour and 290ml of water (58% hydration) together with 3.5g of salt (about half the usual amount) and roughly 1g of instant or quick yeast. I weigh the flour and the water using a digital balance that reads to 1g. You need a large mixing bowl for the poolish and dough and a smaller bowl to hold the wholemeal flour and a set of small fractional teaspoon measures. I cook bread in a heavy cast iron casserole as this helps the crust to develop in my little domestic gas oven. I have baked this bread in a loaf tin as well but with a less good rise.

The ingredients are broken down into two separate stages, the 'poolish' or pre-ferment and the main dough. This allows for a fuller fermentation and the development of flavour over a longer period. See the links at the end of this page for more information about pre-ferments.





Shape and bake


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