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The rising and setting of the Sun and Moon

Fill in the boxes below and click 'calculate' to generate a table showing sunrise, set and twilight times and the lunar rise and set times for your latitude and time zone.

This page is self-contained. Save it to your computer for quick reference.

Year : Answers believed to be useable for 50 years either side of 2000
Month : No error checking!
Day :
Longitude : Decimal degrees west longitudes must be negative
Time Zone : Decimal hours west of or 'behind' Greenwich negative.
UK BST is +1 hour, check any daylight saving corrections for your time zone.
Latitude : Decimal degrees south negative
Number of days : How many lines in the table?
Click to run : Use reset to clear table
Results :
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see the page source for notes on the algorithms used and for the javascript code.

Keith Burnett, originally written Jan 2003