Keith Burnett

I live, teach Maths, and bake bread in Birmingham, UK. Contact me at

I've worked for 30+ years in post-compulsory and adult education. I have experience in staff development, teacher training and curriculum design in addition to teaching maths at a variety of levels. I have written course materials working with an editor and a multimedia team. I'm currently working as a classroom assistant which is proving to be very interesting - a different skill set from class teaching.

GCSE Maths materials (pdf)

200 pages of GCSE Maths questions
Just in case they come in useful. Mostly Foundation tier and written to the English national curriculum. Many don't have answers or solutions.
Number topic guide
Explains the vocabulary and methods (both visual and symbolic) used in GCSE foundation tier maths. I've tried to make the layout as clear as possible for students with moderate dyslexia. Seems to work better for everyone.
Maths place mats
These are designed to be printed at A3. They work greyscale but look more engaging in colour. Each place mat has 16 questions. Some are one topic and some are mixed.
Probability Words
Just two sides with minimal vocabulary for foundation probability. The words students will see in revision guides and on videos. I'm working on a longer rules and tools leaflet for probability as this seems to be a topic people avoid.

Other stuff

A pictorial representation of a topical ratio.

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