Keith Burnett
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Maths stuff, mainly GCSE maths handouts:

GCSE Angle facts place mat
An A3 format pdf file with facts on the first side and questions to try on the second side.
Probability Rules and Tools
An A4 format handout with GCSE foundation maths notes on probability. There is also a two page glossary.
200 pages of GCSE Foundation Maths questions
contains a couple of years worth of questions and tests.
Number topic guide
GCSE Foundation maths. My attempt at a clear layout for dyslexic students (but suitable for everyone).
Four Maths place mats
Designed for printing in colour on A3 paper, best for revision.
2014 vintage Rules and Tools guides (old syllabus)
Algebra, data and number. Written for the old GCSE Foundation syllabus.

Other stuff:

Current Wallpaper
Adderley Park in the frost, December 2023.
vi selected commands
based on Greg Tarsa's vi reference card. The original vi tutorial is still a good starting point - just ignore all the stuff about termcaps.
Installing OpenBSD on a laptop
A step by step guide to installing OpenBSD on a BIOS laptop.
GNU Nano quick reference
My one side guide. Nano gets the job done for many people.
A pictorial representation of a strangely topical ratio.
My universal bread recipe
One dough to rule them all. Mine is a low salt recipe.
Old Wallpaper
The square outside the Ikon gallery in Brindley Place.

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